Series Expansion – New Wiper Inserts Added to the BC8100 Series for High Hardened Steel Turning

October 30, 2018

BC8100 series delivers substantially better wear resistance and high cutting edge toughness by adopting a newly developed coating and CBN substrate. It achieves high efficiency during general use and provides extended tool life that requires fewer tool changes. Additionally BC8100 series is especially effective for interrupted machining of high hardened steels that are typically used for automotive parts.

The BC8100 series has now been further expanded to include a new wiper insert, the WL type. Features of wiper inserts, WL

1. Applying a slight rake angle on the wiper cutting edge reduces cutting resistance.

2. Prevents vibration during boring and turning of smaller diameter workpieces.

3. Enables excellent surface finishes of components.

Tool News B215N(3.09 MB)

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