Series Expansion – New Cutter Bodies for Deep Machining Added to the APX3000 Multi-functional Indexable Insert Cutter Series

October 30, 2018

APX3000 is an indexable insert cutter with the capability for multi-functionality, including ramping and profile machining.

To cover a wider range of applications, new cutter bodies for deeper applications with inserts positioned on peripheral cutting edge have been added to the APX3000 series. Features of the cutter bodies

1. Increased rigidity is possible because of the large amount of back metal designed into the body.

2. The large rake angle provides less resistance and reduces heat generation during machining.

3. By arranging inserts on the peripheral cutting edge of shank type cutters, depths of cut from 28-55 mm can be achieved.

TOOL NEWS B055N(2.79 MB)

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