New VPX Series Multi-functional Cutter for High Efficiency Machining

October 25, 2018

The VPX is a multi-functional cutter that provides high holder rigidity by arranging the inserts tangentially. This arranegment enables high efficiency for different types of milling such as ramping and helical milling under high-load conditions. Additioanally, VPX provides excellent economy due to the indexable, double sided insert (4-corner inserts).

VPX is available in 2 different types, the VPX200 with inserts of APMX=8mm and the VPX300, with inserts of APMX=11mm.

Features of the VPX series

1. High holder rigidity is enabled by arranging the inserts tangentially.

2. No need to change inserts, all are suitable for ramping and helical milling.

3. The convex cutting edge realises high wall surface accuracy.

4. The large R-geometry on the end face of the insert achieves good surface finishes.

5. Insert grades available to cover a wide range of materials. (P, M, K, N, S, H)

Tool News B250N(3.22 MB)

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