New Solid Carbide Drill for Centering and Chamfering, DLE Leading Drill Series

November 19, 2018

The DLE spot drill is a solid carbide type ideal for centering and chamfering on machining centres and CNC lathes.

In total there are 9 items all with a point angle of 90º, available from Ø3 – Ø16 mm, including 5 and 7 mm shank diameters compatible with ER collets. Features of the DLE drill

1. The two-step point angle and the web thinning geometry ensures penetrative strength and prevents sudden fracturing, thereby achieving a stable tool life.

2. Suitable for large batch production on automatic lathes because the cutting edge geometry reduces cutting resistance and also retains its sharpness and strength.

3. The PVD coated carbide grade offers excellent wear resistance and reduced friction for longer tool life to cover a versatile range of applications. Materials such as mild steels, carbon and alloy steels, plus stainless steels and cast irons can all be effectively machined.

TOOL NEWS B223N(992.47 KB)

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