New Double-sided Insert Type High Feed Radius Milling Cutter, WJX Series

October 30, 2018

The WJX cutter is a multifunctional cutter ideal for high efficiency rough machining.

The double-sided negative insert with a complex-geometry flank face provides excellent economy, together with increased sharpness and strength.

The WJX series has both shank and arbor types for use over a wide range of applications.

Features of the WJX cutter series

1. WJX achieves stable machining and lowers cutting noise at high depths of cut and even during interrupted machining. This is due to its ability to reduce the cutting resistance generated at the initial point of contact between the insert and material.

2. A straight section of the cutting edge extends up to the maximum depth of cut. This enables high feed machining even at the maximum depth of cut.

3. The dovetail geometry prevents the insert from lifting and provides stable clamping without the need to use a clamp bridge.

4. The unique cutting edge geometry forms short chips and helps to prevent chip tangling. Shorter chips make it easier to clean machine tools and chip conveyors.

5. Increased insert thickness provides strength and helps to prevent sudden fracturing of inserts and bodies.

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